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Yoga found me in 2000.  I came into the practice pregnant with my first child, approaching the sisterhood of motherhood wild-eyed. I am forever grateful to the City of Angels, where I first heard that divine whispering guiding me home to this mystical and ancient practice.


My story

Born and raised in Philadelphia in a working-class family, I grew up in an environment that knew nothing of yoga. I devoted much of my 20s and early 30s in the Resort and Commercial Real Estate Industries after financing my way through The Fox School of Business at Temple University.  Even in college, I was gathering people together for a cause as the President and Campus Charter Founder of Rho Epsilon Fraternity.  After living my formative years in Philadelphia, I called Denver, Los Angeles and for now DC, home.  I thrive threading people, places, and experiences into concepts, conversations, and opportunities. I feel that my purpose is in continuing to find ways to draw community together through yoga, sacred movement, meditation, life stories, writing, music, events, and workshops.  My commitment to yoga and its teachings is the foundation of my inspirations, growth, and successes.  On my mat, I teach through my own realizations and personal development.  I have worked with students through trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, and in recovery from addictions and addictive behaviors.  My mantra is "Self-Study"or Svadhyaya, and through the devotion to my own journey, I continually reinvent and create new and conscious curriculum, techniques dialogues, and businesses. I am very proud to be mom to my two amazing kids, who are my greatest teachers. I whole-heartedly believe that the root of our personal sustainability comes from intimately knowing ourselves.

 I choose Joy whenever possible.  

It is all ways possible.

When you are living your life’s work,
you are always working.
When you love your life’s work,
you are always in Love.
— Karen Jaynes


  • eRYT Experienced Yoga Teacher, Internationally Recognized, Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga practitioner for over 18 years
  • Over 20 years teaching experience (fitness & yoga)
  • FCPS Independent Contractor Yoga Teacher
  • Facilitator and Event Leader; Retreats and Conferences directing theme based programs including personal development /strategies, yoga, drumming, music, dance and hiking & kayaking in national and state parks and private facilities
  • Entrepreneur and business owner of All Ways Yoga, LLC, A Yoga & Wellness Company and Smoothie-Licious, LLC, an organic and NGMO Smoothie Bar (2009 - 2018)
  • Consultant for Mathmatica Policy Research on Online Coaching Tools and Wellness to Work Initiative. (2017)
  • Columnist for Bliss Magazine 2014 & Editorial Writer for Greenbriar Flyer 2005
  • Frequent podcast guest on Healthy U.