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Whether teaching yoga class, corporate, school or social group event, or weekend retreat getaway, Karen Jaynes is a conscious and deliberate facilitator.  Her fluency in the disciplines of yoga, sacred movement practices, mindfulness and meditation are equally matched with her ability to create space for developing personal and team building strategies, relationship and intimacy evolution and social and global responsibilities in lifestyles and businesses. Her many years of working with populations with chronic physical and emotional conditions, injuries and illness have empowered her as a compassionate and hopeful champion to those living with challenges and in recovery.

Let's share this ancient practice together in class or retreat and get away in nature and explore. Let's have conversations about spirituality, humanity, sensuality, intimacy, relationships, and about life in general. Let's embody the evolution of Benefit Living through conscious choices. Let's discuss and listen with each other, opening our lives to interesting new people who expand our souls by encouraging success and dream making. Let's take care of our bodies, minds and energy.  Let's restore Mother Earth and her resources for our children and the planet's future.  Let's be bold and make significant strides in business, investing and resourcing, aligning with personal, professional, environmental and global sustainability.

Let's be Love.  Pure. Simple.

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