Where Power and Influence Converge into Creativity

Our human expression is the ultimate archetypical experience in every classically defined way. From our stories of overcoming our inner demons, inflated egos, and lack of acceptance of the pure “humbleness” of our divine nature,  humans continue to play out the struggle of power and influence. The human experience like a typical video game, continues to present levels of growth laden with rewards and consequences that either raise the soul purpose or defeat it like a loss of life

In spiritual teachings and timeless cultural traditions, the mere state of being human is flawed and it is in great Shakespearean flair to see our divine cosmic souls spiral in energetic vortices from tragic hero to comic relief. 

But maybe this truly isn’t about the human experience at all. Perhaps the divine expression ultimately is about humbling the perfection in order to continually create something more evolved and yet more Divine?  Is it possible that out of the black nothingness backdrop of the universe, the flash of light that permeates as a screaming stream of energy has an innate nature to be even brighter and move at a faster speed given the opportunity to join another expression of dynamic. Think when Stars Collide. ( random, or innate attraction?) What can we create then?

With metaphors of this teaching in every discipline known to man; mathematics, physical and social sciences to fine arts and literature, humans seek answers and proofs to Understanding. 

Perhaps in all of the lessons through archetypical expressions, tragic stories of  the duality, good versus evil, overcoming the imbalances of power, we are looking mistakenly at the polar ends when that Understanding lies in the “ in between spaces”. 

Perhaps the influence is the dynamic of the poles and dualities coming together and herein lies the cosmic opportunity to create.  Without the awareness of these contrasts there can be no catalytic or influential behavior. 

From intimate to global, all dynamics are fueled by the synergy of influences that vary in outcome depending on their particular unique input. 

But the great reveal in this ultimate creation is the confluence and emergence of the resulting expression. 

So what,  will you use your power to create? Because what you create will be hurled into the great cosmos and collide with polar power and dynamic. And when it does, the sparks of inspired fallout will seed with even greater realization of our potential. 

And in that potential, will we express evolution in a place that forms environments of continuous planting for the feeding of superficial intellect and displacement of power and energy or chose provocative creativity  in growth centered inspired understandings that heed the collective consciousness?

Cosmos NASA Photo Credit