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Peruvian Healing Retreat

Dates to be determined.

Blue Morpho Retreat Center

Join Karen Jaynes and Harry Pepper as we organize a group trip to the Blue Morpho Retreat Center in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon for a 7 day 5-ceremony Ayahuasca Retreat this year. Quite a number of people have already expressed their interest in joining us and we love the idea of organizing a community building experience both before and after the retreat to support this deeply transformational experience.

Harry has been to Blue Morpho for two retreats in the past and has attested that these have been some of his most life changing experiences of his entire life. if you are interested in joining us or simply learning more, please reach out to one of us and we will add you to our growing list We have not yet committed specific dates yet but expect the tour to happen during the Fall earliest. Hope you will consider joining us for this healing adventure.