My love of exploring and sharing may begin on the mat but there is no telling where it may lead.  

What you are seeking is seeking you. ~Rumi

Personal Empowerment Through Shamanic Journeying & Transformational Practices

Personal Empowerment Workshop

Saturday, May 11, 2019, 5pm - 7pm; Yoga Toka, 3260 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Karen Jaynes & Dr. Harry Pepper.

Cost $45

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This workshop will offer participants a series of unique healing experiences to unlock new dimensions of personal power in their lives. In this class, we will dive deep into relaxation with energy practices including chanting, tapping, movement and stretching accompanied by a shamanic drumming journey.

Shamanic Journeying is a set of ancient techniques dating back, according to archaeologists, about 30,000 years. Many indigenous cultures throughout the world have used these techniques to access healing and deeper spiritual realms. In the journey process, a rhythm produces a theta state in the brain, connecting participants to a non-ordinary state of consciousness.
No previous experience with journeying or yoga is necessary, as this class will include basic instruction, simple movements and a journey experience accessible for all students.

For more information about a private one on one healing/coaching session individually with Harry or Karen or both together as a team during the weekend of May 10 - 12, email me here at

Flow Jam 2019

Flow Jam 2019

June 21 - 23, 2019, Lovettsville, VA

Sacred Intimacy - Living Love Now with Karen Jaynes and Dr. Harry Pepper.

Join Karen and Harry at Flow Jam this summer at Loudoun County’s own 3-day Universal Healing Arts Festival with live music, yoga, dance, art installations, workshops located on a private 100 acre farm at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains (only an hour outside of DC)

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We are presenting Sacred Intimacy on Saturday 6/22 from 11 am - 12:15pm in the Dome.

Sacred Intimacy - Living Love Now is a workshop supporting all relationships in our lives. This experiential workshop will be full of opportunities to explore healing and transformation through movement, music, group and individual discussion and so much more. It is accessible for all and open to singles, couples, all gender identities and relational expressions.

Blue Heron 2019

The Great Blue Heron

Fri, July5, 2019 6pm - Sun Jul 7, 2019 6:30pm, The Great Blue Heron Festival Grounds, Sherman NY

Join my great friends, The Sun King Warriors, as they play the 28th annual Great Blue Heron Music Festival.

Then, find me in the Revival Tent for my workshop, “Sacred Connections Through Crafts” by making inspired notes to share at the festival with others! Workshop day and time TBA.

Day tickets and weekend passes are available. Learn more at Great Blue

The Great Rhythm Revival

2019 Great Rhythm Revival

Thur, August 8, 2019 1pm - Sun, Aug 11, 2019 4pm The Heron, Sherman, NY

Join us in the gorgeous rolling hills of Western NY for a retreat to revitalize and strengthen your connection to yourself, the earth and to other people.

At the Great Rhythm Revival, you will experience a wide range of invigorating workshops including Drum & Chant, Ecstatic Dance, World Drumming, Sound Healing, West African Dance, Yoga, Shamanic Journey, Afro-Cuban Drumming, Energy Medicine, Meditative Painting, Sacred Intimacy, Woman’s Sacred Circles, Intro to Men’s Work, Transformative Writing, Laughter Yoga and more.

Two joyful factors of note: you can camp on an incredible piece of property, and eat some of the tastiest and healthy food around.

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Facebook event link: Great Rhythm Revival Facebook


Peruvian Healing Retreat

December 1-7, 2019

Blue Morpho Retreat Center

Tuition $2390.00

Join Karen Jaynes and Harry Pepper as we organize a group trip to the Blue Morpho Retreat Center in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon for a 7 day 5-ceremony Ayahuasca Retreat this December. Registration is underway and we are loving how community is already building with this experience.

**We have 14 secured spaces for the retreat being held for us until August 15, 2019. It is very possible to add additional spaces if they are available. There are 32 spots per retreat total. It is very possible that this retreat will sell out due to Maestro Hamilton Souther being one of the lead shamans for this retreat, and that many of our clients, students and friends want to attend with us.

To register for the retreat go to

Harry has been to Blue Morpho for two retreats in the past and has attested that these have been some of his most life changing experiences of his entire life. if you are interested in joining us or simply learning more, please reach out to me here and we will add you to our growing interest list.

I am Interested in Peru